NAW!!! MAN!!! NAW!!! Decades indeed love the selection


That is a classic. lol Track I was 8 9 or 10.

Boy I forgot my age when that track came out I was maybe 10

Real Old school

I know you girls were screaming at these tracks back in the day lol… Till Eminem Came and Crashed you all party… I did enjoy them back in the day… Who remembers this. Girls telling my bye-bye like really!!! smh

I still listen to them… it was that decade ok. The tracks we real emotional for me… My bad from back in the day… EVERYBODY!!!

Who remembers this? I need 5 Ladies to come act this song in sexy outfits for me Oooooooooooo!!! Lala!!

WoooooooooooooHooooo!!! lol Pimp mood